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About The Belgian

About the brand The Belgian

About the brand The Belgian

Founded in 1956, The Belgian Chocolate Group is a well-established manufacturer and exporter of premium chocolate products, offering high quality at attractive prices.

Belgium is known for its delicious chocolates. The unique combination of the finest ingredients, exclusive production methods and stringent quality controls makes Belgian chocolates a favorite worldwide.

“The Belgian” brand reflects the traditional chocolate making expertise from Belgium and has built up a strong reputation amongst chocolate lovers throughout the world.

We are passionate about chocolate! Our team of driven Top-Chocolatiers are Masters in creativity and innovation. They keep coming up with more delicious recipes and eye catching combinations, every time.

Corporate strategy

Corporate strategy

We work together with exclusive distributors in over 70 countries with a view to creating a clear, unified brand presence. Our aim is to consistently build up the brand in our existing and new markets to reach out to all chocolate lovers across the world.

The Belgian Chocolate Group wants to base its durable growth and profitability on:

  • A brand policy with “The Belgian” that represents the Belgian heritage and quality.
  • A wide and refined assortment of authentic specialties from the Belgian chocolate world, focused on customer satisfaction.
  • A greater network of exclusive distributors: focused on expanding our brand through different market verticals such as retailers, International Travel Retail, Out of Home and the Gift Trade.

About Quality

Our unfailing focus on quality is building an enviable reputation among discerning chocolate lovers throughout the world. “The Highest Quality” is a must, if you want to play a role in the world of chocolate. The most delicious chocolate is of course made in Belgium, but in order to achieve these high quality demands we have a team of Master Chocolatiers who are creative, innovative, possess a high degree of know-how, competence and have a penchant for quality.

In our constant search for excellent ingredients, quality is the first requirement. Together with our tailor-made production process, this gives us the ability to offer the highest quality at a fair price. Furthermore our company follows the international standards and guidelines. In January 2011 The Belgian Chocolate Group was the first Belgian chocolate company that obtained the A star level of the international BRC food standard and the Higher Level of the International Food Standard. These are the highest possible standards to obtain in both systems.

About Belgian Chocolate

About Belgian Chocolate

Belgium has a long tradition in chocolate mastery which is strongly influenced by its colonial past. Belgian chocolate is worldwidely regarded as superior because of its well balanced taste and fine structure. This is achieved by specific ingredient mixes and production processes.