Rebranding The Belgian

A modern chocolate brand with strong roots


Founded in 1956, The Belgian has a strong tradition of crafting some of the world’s most exquisite chocolates. It is a testimony to the treasured legacy of its founders, Walter and Renée Gartner.


The couple worked day and night to keep up with demand. Their cozy little workshop in Antwerp became known as “the house where the lights were never switched off.” When their tasty treats conquered the world, they dubbed their brand ‘The Belgian’.


Their love for each other and shared passion to create the finest chocolate led to a bond that is still felt throughout the company today:


Coupling the best ingredients with the finest craftsmanship,

to sweeten the hearts of people around the world.

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New Travel Retail Exclusive Range
New Travel Retail Exclusive Range

In response to the growth of travel retail channels, The Belgian is proud to introduce its new Travel Retail Exclusive Range. This range not only underscores our commitment to this expanding market but also signifies our readiness to serve the evolving needs of travelers.

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